Sustainability through technology

Why it is important to us

We believe technology development is vital to enable a sustainable future. Data Respons strives to explore technology projects contributing to a more sustainable world, especially those making the world greener, stronger, smarter and more equal.


Ahead of schedule

We believe technology development is vital to enable a sustainable future! Data Respons has set goals to explore more than 50 technology projects that contribute to a more sustainable world, especially those making the world greener, resilient, smarter and more equal.


As we increasingly work on projects with a sustainability edge to them, it’s natural that we increase our ambitions. We aim to deliver a minimum of 100 projects that have valuable effects on the SDGs by 2022.


Sustainability has been an integrated part of our strategy for years. However we have not managed to integrate sustainability in our day-to-day business to a satisfactory level. We are now working to visualise carbon cost in our customer contracts and employ eco design as a natural step in the product cycle. By 2020 we aim to roll out an educational toolbox to hopefully increase sustainability awareness in our sales and production processes.



Reliable control system for Danish recycling system

Dansk Retursystem manages a world class recycling system which retrieves, counts and sorts empty cans and bottles. An impressive 90% is sent for recycling. Data Respons Solutions delivers a customised and trustworthy central control system that ensures reliable operations 24/7.

1,850 mill. items are recycled through reverse vending annually. (Source: Dansk Retur and Swedish Waste Management Association, Swedish EPA)

Scanning for epilepsy uising smartphones

A solution that scans the brain using an electrode head-cap, a recording unit and a smartphone app. The Data Respons subsidiary, TechPeople assisted BrainCapture with hardware development.

Approx. 1% of the world’s population suffers from epilepsy, yet people living in developing countries do not have access to the necessary scanning equipment to get a diagnose. Solutions like this make expensive scanning facilities remote and available.

IOT based solution for energy management

EnergyBase automatically optimises energy consumption with self-learning algorithms and controls the energy flows in your home. Engineers from our subsidiary MicroDoc support the development of complex software infrastructure for management of a green energy mix.

Homes with EnergyBase installed produce their own clean solar power and rely less on carbon-based energy sources. The energy management system allows households to reduce their carbon emissions.

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