Why it is important to us

Since Data Respons is a people centric business the social dimension in the ESG framework is very important to us. People are our primary income, resource and value. Hence creating a sustainable workplace is key to the success of our company.


Status 2019

Working to get the right balance of specialists

Since the company was founded there has been a strong commitment to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout our company. A commitment that has only grown stronger as we included more companies, nationalities and cultures into Data Respons. From a Group perspective, the Data Respons Code of Conduct helps govern issues such as fair employment, diversity, discrimination, harassment and health and safety. All companies in the Group are obliged to adopt and implement the Code to ensure a uniform approach to these issues across the Group.

Equal pay

In Data Respons, the practice is equal pay for work of equal value regardless of gender. Salary and terms of employment for comparable positions are the same for women and men. Recruitment, promotion and development of the employees are based on merit and equal opportunity regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status and disability. Discrimination, bullying or harassment is not accepted at Data Respons. Employees are asked to report incidents of such behaviour to their immediate supervisor or the employee representative.


Promoting a better gender balance in a male dominated industry is on of our key priorities. We increased the number of women from 17% to 21% in 2019, and we aim to have at least 25% women by 2025 (long term goal is 50%). Further the female representation in the management teams are at 28% today, but we aim to increase that number to 40% by 2025 (Long term goal is 50%)


Continue to strengthen a culture that creates an international and attractive work environment regardless of gender. Further we will continue to focus on our recruiting efforts in 2020, hopefully increasing the number of women among the job applicants, and maintain the mix of nationalities. We will also use our sponsorships, Enabling the Young, to increase female interest in software and hardware development.

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