Status 2019

Facilitating a healthy workplace and a sustainable lifestyle

From the start physical activity have been an important part of the culture in Data Respons. We already have some of the best and brightest minds, but we acknowledge that there is more to life than zero’s and one’s. Physical activity have been promoted as cornerstone in our culture. That is also why most of our internal sponsorships involves stimulating our employees to balance long days in front of the computer with physical activities.

By encouraging an active lifestyle, we hope to keep the low level of sick leave at the current low level of 2,5%, and at the same time cultivating a culture of healthy high performers.

Staying in shape together

Our colleagues across the group help each other stay in shape by exercising together and challenging one another to take part in various sports events. In addition all employees within the group can take part in our InShape program where we motivate and reward being active in our daily lives.

Move for Charity

Across the group there are a number of initiatives that combine physical activity with charity. An example is the annual sponsored Unicef run in Ingolstadt. Another is the “Move for Charity” concept embraced by the teams in Norway. The teams collect money to a chosen charity based on the number of active people the manage to register.

Continuous learning and development

Workforce development is one of the biggest issues facing economies around the world, especially as technology accelerates the pace of change for the jobs of today and tomorrow. In order to develop cutting edge hardware and software we need to constantly improve the skills and competence our 1400 specialists possess. Which is done through a On the Job Training philosophy, where local management is always looking for new opportunities for their employees to challenge themselves. Keeping our specialists in customer driven R&D projects create continuously changing, and market-oriented competence structure.


Maintaining the current low level of sick level is very important to us. We will in 2020 ensure that all subsidiaries have the same low level. We are also working on programs that ensures professional development and connects employees from different subsidiaries.


We will continue to support the broad range of physical activities that takes place in each subsidiary. And we will continue to uphold the value of activity in the communication from the top management. We will engage with local management in 2020 to explore the opportunities for becoming better at establishing frameworks that clearly defines the opportunities for personal development.

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