A message from the ESG team

We take responsibility for our entire carbon footprint. That includes the emissions beyond our direct control, like those from sourcing materials, making our products, and our customers using their devices. We calculate our carbon footprint in three major areas: equipment use, corporate facilities, transport of people and goods. We use this information to tell us where to focus.

In addition to our environmental impact, we measure several key indicators within the social dimension, such as sick leave, gender balance and injuries. In terms of governance, we measure the implementation and integration of our Code of Conduct. Also, we do supplier audits and independents audits in compliance with law and regulations.

We believe that measuring our impact and progress is the only serious and meaningful way to engage in the ESG framework.

Reporting creates positive awareness Data Respons has adopted the ESG framework in our bid to become an even more sustainable, respectable and attractive company. Gathering data for the ESG report creates a very positive drive and awareness around several important topics like sustainability, diversification and transparency. As a company the ESG reporting is quite new to us, but we are already harvesting good experiences and positive interactions with new parts of the Group. As such we have experienced that the work of producing a quality ESG report also entails better cooperation and positive awareness on important topics. A future ESG orientated company Going forward our focus is to make the ESG framework part of the company DNA. Thus, creating a win-win-win situation where its possible to grow the business without increasing any risk or increasing our environmental impact, and we increasingly contribute to services and solutions that are key in moving the world in the right direction.

How we organise our ESG efforts

Data Respons ESG work is owned by the Chief Communication Officer (CCO), which report to the CEO. Data Respons has a highly decentralised organisational structure with empowered local management and employees. To achieve consistency at a global level the Group has a network of ESG correspondents to ensure that each subsidiary adapt to the overall Data Respons ESG policy and objectives.

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