A The ESG backdrop for our business

People and tech-orientated business

Data Respons is positioned as a leading provider of smart devices and embedded and industrial IoT solutions. We are serving an increasing appetite for software content, connectivity, higher performance and more functionality. By using Data Respons, our customers can access specialist competences, shorter time-to-market and a lower total cost of ownership.

Data Respons has a solid and well-balanced customer base across several industries, which is based on our strong competence within industrial IoT, digitalisation and embedded technologies. Our geographical footprint, coupled with more than 30 years of experience, has given the Company relevant vertical competence within these areas. The range of services we are providing broadens as we continue to grow. We are steadily becoming an increasingly business-critical component of the digitalisation processes for many of the largest European companies.

In the business of driving the world forward

Through our core business, we help our clients become more efficient by means of automation, improved software and new technology. We also directly enable increased sustainability by building digital platforms for our customers that deliver renewable energy, health technology, new transportation concepts and smart homes, to mention a fraction of what we do.

Almost everything we deliver and provide is part of a bigger effort among our customers to do more with less. Regardless of what service we provide or what sector we provide it to, it is usually about digitalising a manual operation or creating a digital platform that allows for new services and customer experiences. Hence Data Respons is a net contributor to increased efficiency, which in most cases is positive within an environmental dimension.

We have a complex international operation

Data Respons has offices in the Nordic region, as well as in Germany and Taiwan. Our business model is based on close cooperation with our customers and understanding their business needs. To facilitate close cooperation, Data Respons believes in having regional offices with skilled engineering staff (specialist level) in key industrial clusters. This builds strategic and long-term relationships, as well as in-depth industry know-how, with our key customers. Our international presence is important to our business but requires more from us as a company when it comes to implementing good corporate governance throughout the value chain. And with an international presence comes more travel and transportation that increases emissions.

However, as an international company we get an opportunity to promote awareness regarding climate change, social inequalities and new corporate governance standards.

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