Why it is important to us

We believe climate change is likely to affect lives, markets and supply chains around the world. Therefore, we aim to be an active part in strengthening actions to reduce emissions, while also taking steps to strengthen the resilience of our business.

Status 2019

Reducing emissions

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. We are not a big emitter and our business is about cultivating specialists that mainly develops software. But we do have a direct negative impact of 1385 tons CO2 equivalents from our business that we in the next five years we will neutralise. During 2019 we undertook a mapping of our CO2 footprint for Scope 1 and Scope 2* for all the companies within the group. The mapping was externally assured by Endrava, a company specialised in carbon reporting.

Smart farming: automated precision feeding

The Data Respons subsidiary, Data Respons R&D Services, have assisted TKS Agri, a Norwegian producer of agricultural solutions, to optimise their precision feeding solution, FeedStation (TM).

Agricultural precision feeding systems can reduce the amount of methane and nitrogen lost in production, directly reducing the impact of farming operations on the environment. By not overfeeding or underfeeding your stock the farmer use the correct amount of food, and less feeding waste is left, as well as keeping the stock healthy.

Environmental CO2 calculation tool for vehicles

Our subsidiary EPOS has developed an application used to create, manage and configure an environmental balance. The application use disassembly data and assessment with environmental factors to create CO 2 equivalents for production, use and recycling.

This solutions helps vehicle and fleet owners to use data to understand their emissions and make the necessary cuts to keep the emissions down.

Reducing waste with reverse vending

TOMRA is the world leader in the field of reverse vending, with over 82,000 installations across more than 60 markets. Data Respons R&D Services is helping TOMRA develop a reverse vending machine for a new market, mainly with software (SW steering motors, camera sensors Graphical User Interface) and hardware development. We are proud to partner up on solutions which reduces plastic waste and green house emissions.

Reducing waste with reverse vending

Eniram (a Wärtsila company) is a Helsinki-based company providing the maritime industry with energy management technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Our teams at Data Respons Solutions in Sweden have been helping Wärtsila company Eniram with rugged hardware solutions for both passenger ships and industrial vessels throughout several life cycles, enabling Eniram to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Eniram’s solutions helps cutting emissions that are harmful to the environment by optimising energy emissions on i.e. cruise ships, tanker and container vessels.


Integrating sustainability into the business

Our take on sustainability is to integrate an environmental awareness into all levels in the company. Meaning we want sustainability to permeate the business. From how we write the contracts with our customers to the waste management in every office. We have been a member of the United Nations Global Compact initiative since 2018, and thus established a corporate culture where ESG reporting and sustainable thinking have been part of our processes for years. This year each subsidiary will get a decreasing carbon budget that they need to deliver on, as they do on the fiscal budgets.

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