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"We believe in taking responsibility, even when nobody is watching."

We are dedicated to setting the bar as high as possible

The global ICT business accounts for 2% of the global emissions but can reduce global emissions with 20% by broader implementation of current technology. Data Respons is firm believer in technology as an enabler to a more sustainable future. And we are delivering cutting edge technology that we know makes a difference.

In this report you will learn more about how we contribute to state of the art recycling machines, how our software enables epilepsy scanning in the poorest countries and how we participate in the next generation smart homes that produces electricity rather than using it. We want to be part of the group of companies that define and shape the gold standard when it comes to fighting climate change, combining business and social considerations and ensuring complete trust in our operation through transparent and professional governance.

We will continue cultivating a modern and attractive workplace

In the European ICT sector 17% of the 8 million specialists are women, and that’s a systemic challenge. As a company we are moving in the right direction, but not as fast as we want to. That is why we have set a target to have at least 25% women by 2025, working our way towards 50% as the end goal. We will also work to reflect the same ambition at the management level, where the ratio today already is 28 %. Going forward we will continue to promote a workplace with good work/home balance and facilitate for a healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe that a well functioning body is important to a happy and curious mind. In terms of cultivating curiosity and personal development we also emphasize on the job training, social activities and knowledge sharing across teams, departments and business units.

A sustainable world tomorrow means action today

In 2025 our company will be CO2 neutral – because this is the only way forward. We are far from being the worst polluter on the planet, but that doesn’t really matter. We aspire to set an example to follow on how to thrive and experience growth, while at the same time reduce emissions from our operations. Today our operation emits 1,370 tons of CO2. In the next five years we will reduce that number to zero by improving awareness, actively selecting sustainable alternatives in house and incentivising suppliers and customers to do the same. When it comes to sustainable growth, professional governance is just as importance as mapping emissions and taking on social responsibilities. That is why we in 2019 launched a revised Code of Conduct along with a new Supplier Code of Conduct and produced our first ESG report.

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